English-Romanian technical translation, software localization, website localization, copy editing, proof reading

English-Romanian technical translation,
software localization, website localization,
copy editing, proof reading

English-Romanian technical translator

Need an English-Romanian technical translator? Then you have come to the right place.

I am a native Romanian licensed translator specializing in technical translation, software localization, website translation - and website design.

My main language pair is English to Romanian, but I also translate French to Romanian. I also provide copy editing, proof reading, terminology management, glossary creation.

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For further details, please check my résumé. You can also download it in .pdf format.

On the Net

In 1997 I became a netizen. I rapidly found out that the Internet provides a wealth of resources and opportunities for translators (see Translation Links). But the single most important one is Lantra – the mailing list of translators worldwide.

Lantra gave my the opportunity to meet and keep close contact with my fellow translators around the world. Manon Bergeron is one of them and, when she generously offered to share her treasure chest with everybody, I took the challenge of creating a complex website: Mabercom - The financial translator's portfolio of Internet resources.

I also initiated two mailing-lists: RomLangTrans (see Translation links - Mailing lists), for the Romanian translators to have their own forum, and I-miss-Lantra, for those days when the ever-so-addictive Lantra is down and makes over 1200 translators nervous and frustrated.

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My Way

Actually, I started as a Mechanical Engineer.
I graduated the Bucharest Polytechnic in 1987 and worked for almost 3 years with an Oil Equipment Company.

My relationship with the English language began in the early 80's, with shy attempts at translating SciFi literature. I used to frequent a literary circle which proved to be an excellent translation school. Nice hobby... In 1989 I obtained my Translator License.

After the Revolution, in 1990 I decided to switch careers and became a freelance translator specialized in Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Management and Marketing, Computers. Did I do well? Let me just tell you that I have always managed to keep my clients and have received letters of appreciation from many of them, including the Government of Romania.

In 1996 I recruited and supervised the translators team for the very first large-scale software localization project in Romania (Scala).

Since May, 2000, I have been coordinating a major localization project for Oracle.

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