Translation and Localization Resources

Translation and Localization Resources

I know, I know! There are thousands of translation-related webpages, most of them containing more or less systematic lists of URLs. I don't want to waste your time, so I'm only including here the most comprehensive and well structured ones. You have these, you have them all!

Translation Tools
ATRIL's Déjà Vu
Best Translation Memory tool, with integrated terminology management system (TermWatch) and alignment tool (File Alignment Wizard). Excellent customer support via dedicated mailing list.

Also on Atril's website: ATRIL directory of translators.

Translation Memory tool (Translator's Workbench) with additional modules: terminology management software (MutiTerm), alignment tool (WinAlign), and tag editor (TagEditor).

Translation Tools
Translation Journal
An online publication of translators by translators about translators and translation.

Translators and agencies
Aquarius Directory of Translators and Interpreters
Aquarius is the world's largest marketplace for translation and interpreting jobs on the Internet. Searchable database (14030 translators and 2275 translation companies from 97 countries - as of August 20, 2000), customizable interface.
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Mailing lists

A wonderful mailing list of translators and interpreters: over 1,000 friends around the World are there for you 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. A true "live glossary", as useful and fun as can be.

Check the archives of LANTRA-L or better subscribe to the list by sending the message:
SUBscribe LANTRA-L Your Name
to the listserv.

I initiated RomLangTrans on October 16, 1998. A specialized forum was needed for the Romanian translators to discuss their professional issues. By January 2001, RomLangTrans community grew to 100 members.

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